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Our Products
  • Oil Skimmers

    - Tube Type Oil Skimmers
    - Funnel Type Oil Skimmers
    - Floating Disc Type Oil Skimmers
    - Belt Oil Skimmer
    - Single Disc & Baby Belt Type Oil Skimmers
    - Floating Funnel/Weir Type Oil Skimmers
    - Slotted Pipe Type Oil Skimmers
    - Floating Suction Type Oil Skimmers
    - Oil Water Seperators
    - ROP MOP Oil Skimmers
    - Single Belt Type Oil Skimmers
    - Baby Belt Oil Skimmers
    - Belt Type Oil Skimmers
    - Double Belt Type Oil Skimmer For Api Seperators
    - Fixed Disc Type Oil Skimmers
    - Floating Disc Disc/Drum Type Oil Skimmers
    - Floating Disc/Drum Type Oil Skimmers
  • Auto Transformers

    - Air Cooled Auto Transformers
    - Oil Cooled Auto Transformers
    - Motorised Auto Transformers
    - Open Type Auto Transformers
    - Three Phase Close Type Auto Transformers
  • Flame Proof Equipments

    - Rotary Connectors
    - Junction Box
    - Control Station
    - Flameproof & Weatherproof Rotary Switch
    - FLP / WP Sensor /Thermocouple head
    - Weatherproof Sensor /Thermocouple Head
    - FLP / WP Junction Box
    - FLP & Weatherproof Sensor /Thermocouple Head
    - FLP /Weatherproof Sensor /Thermocouple Head
    - FLP / Weatherproof Sensor/ Thermocouple Head
    - FLP /Weatherproof Junction Box
    - Weatherproof Junction Box
    - Flameproof And Weatherproof Emergency Stop Push Button Stations
    - Flameproof And Weatherproof On & Off Push Button Station
    - Flameproof And Weatherproof Stop-Forward - Reverse Push Button Station
    - Flameproof & Weatherproof Manual Call Pint/Fire Alarm Station
    - Flameproof And Weatherproof Glass Window For Indicator
    - Flameproof And Weatherproof Emergency Stop Push Button Station
    - Flameproof And Weatherproof On/Off Push Button Station
  • Testimonials

    "We take pleasure in informing you that over a period of last 5 to 6 years we have used your Floating Disk type and Belt type Oil skimmers."...Read More

    -Power Plant KRIBHCO- Surat

    "M/s. Potential Engineering, Bombay has supplied 8 nos. of Floating type Disc. Skimmers for Eflluent Treatment Plant"...Read More

    - Environment & Engineering Services

    "It has been a very fruitful association working with your organization. We are very much satisfied with the products & Services"...Read More

    - NICCO Corporation Limited

    "M/s Potential Engineering have installed their Belt Skimmer( Belt material – Oleophilic Elastomer with a length of 3 m),"...Read More

    - Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited

    bell and ross watch

    " We are pleased to inform you that after the third party Inspection Report and trial of your equipments by team" ...Read More

    -Reliance Industries Limited – Jamnagar

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