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Journey of Potential Engineering:

Mr.Piyush Sheth an engineer from VJTI, With a Vision to be the world leader in manufacturing of Oil Skimmers, Auto transformers and Flame proof equipments founder Potential Engineering in the year 1982. Potential Engineering is now a renowned name in the manufacturing of Oil Skimmers, Auto transformers and Flame proof equipments but Mr. Sheth says "The Journey has just begun".
Like every other company, Potential Engineering was not very easy to establish but true leadership quality and visionary guidance of Mr.Sheth has helped The Company to achieve greater heights. "The journey from 1982 to 2012 has been memorable and a true learning experience" Says the founder a=of Potential Engineering. With a team of over 30 professionals, we are now one of the leading manufacturers and Exporters of Oil Skimmers, Flame Proof equipments and Auto transformers and still growing.
Potential Engineering started as a small company in Mumbai with the aim to focus on manufacturing the best quality oil skimmers, Flame proof equipments and Auto transformers. Over the period of time Potential Engineering has grown and it would have never been a smooth path without the team.
Potential Engineering is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and The major geographical locations where for supply of Oil Skimmers, Flame proof equipments and Auto Transformers are East Asia, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa

Oil and Water separators and Pollution control equipments:

Potential Engineering is a leading manufacturer of Oil and Water separators. Pollution control equipments are designed and manufactured. Providing the best quality of Oil and water separators is what potential engineering specializes in since 1982.
Various domains in which the equipments of Potential Engineering are used are Oil & Gas Industry, Petroleum & Petrochemical Industries, Edible Oil Industries, Lubricating oil Industries, Automobile Industries, Fertilizer Industries, Chemical Industries, Tool Room & CNC Machine Shop and Sugar Industry.

Oil and Water separator equipments are machines which help to separate the oil from waste water. There is always a gross amount of Oil and suspended solids of waste water effluents of oil refineries, petrochemical plants, chemical plants, natural gas processing plants and other industrial sources. Potential Engineering has been a leading manufacturer and exporter for such type of Oil and water separators. Best quality and equally competitive charges is what Potential Engineering has always promised and delivered.

What are Oil Skimmers?

An Oil Skimmer is equipment that separates a liquid from particles floating on it or from other liquids. Potential Engineering has been delivering the best quality oil skimmers from over 2 decades now. Potential Engineering a leading Manufacturer and exporter of Oil Skimmers manufactures more then 15 various types of Oil Skimmers. have a long and a well established name as a leading ‘oil skimmer manufacturer’ with their products being currently used by all major oil and gas industries of the world.Their diversified product range for all three departments gives us the leading edge over our competitors and makes us stand apart.

Katchoil Skimmer clears up oil pollution from just about any industry. It skims away the oil and collects it for disposal or recycling. This efficient oil skimmer is manufactured in India to International standards, by Potential Engineering with latest technical back-up for last TWENTYFIVE years.
Katchoil is Easy to use and easier to maintain. Katchoil Skimmers can be provided with Optional variable speed control which can be adjusted to suit different oil viscosities of oil in effluent to ensure an optimum oil pick-up rate.

To tackle rare instances of built-up debris, a reverse rotation facility is provided. Katchoil is stable, dedicated performer, even in the face of small wave actions and its’ well-designed structure requires minimum maintenance and is designed for rugged operation. Each component of the oil skimmer is made from material that enhances its efficiency.
Oil Skimmers provided by Potential Engineering work on the basic principle of Oleophilic rotating medium getting in touch with oily effluent which picks up oil that is scraped by Teflon scrapers and collected in a decanter trough which is either transferred by gravity drain or pumped out.